Pencil Code Reference

Welcome to Pencil Code

Pencil Code is a collaborative learning space. Everything you save on Pencil Code is posted on the web, so be nice, and be careful. There are a few important rules (details here). Do not post any private information, and do not do anything that could get in the way of learning.

OK, ready? Have fun!

To Make a Program

  1. Drag blocks from the palette into the blank program area.
  2. Snap the blocks together, starting with the nub at the top.
  3. Press the blue triangle play button to run the program.

To See the Text Code

  1. Click on the block icon in the blue bar.
  2. Click again to go back to blocks.

Drawing In Place

Moving the Turtle

Using Color

Two Dimensional Motion

Angles and Arcs

Responding to Events

Sprites, Images, and Pixels

Animation Queues and Timing

Interactivity with Framerate Animation

Turtle Math