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keyboard shortcuts symplifying everything

The Pencil Code editor has quite a few keyboard shortcuts available to use. Some you may already know, but others will be completely new.

Line Operations

Windows/Linux Mac Action
Ctrl+D Command+D Remove line
Alt+Shift+Down Command+Option+Down Copy lines down
Alt+Shift+Up Command+Option+Up Copy lines up
Alt+Down Option+Down Move lines down
Alt+Up Option+Up Move lines up
Alt+Delete Ctrl+K Remove to line end
Alt+Backspace Command+Backspace Remove to linestart
Ctrl+Backspace Option+Backspace, Ctrl+Option+Backspace Remove word left
Ctrl+Delete Option+Delete Remove word right
--- Ctrl+O Split line


Windows/Linux Mac Action
Ctrl+A Command+A Select all
Shift+Left Shift+Left Select left
Shift+Right Shift+Right Select right
Ctrl+Shift+Left Option+Shift+Left Select word left
Ctrl+Shift+Right Option+Shift+Right Select word right
Shift+Home Shift+Home Select line start
Shift+End Shift+End Select line end
Alt+Shift+Right Command+Shift+Right Select to line end
Alt+Shift+Left Command+Shift+Left Select to line start
Shift+Up Shift+Up Select up
Shift+Down Shift+Down Select down
Shift+PageUp Shift+PageUp Select page up
Shift+PageDown Shift+PageDown Select page down
Ctrl+Shift+Home Command+Shift+Up Select to start
Ctrl+Shift+End Command+Shift+Down Select to end
Ctrl+Shift+D Command+Shift+D Duplicate selection
Ctrl+Shift+P --- Select to matching bracket


Windows/Linux Mac Action
Ctrl+Alt+Up Ctrl+Option+Up Add multicursor above
Ctrl+Alt+Down Ctrl+Option+Down Add multicursor below
Ctrl+Alt+Right Ctrl+Option+Right Add next occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl+Alt+Left Ctrl+Option+Left Add previous occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up Ctrl+Option+Shift+Up Move multicursor from current line to the line above
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down Ctrl+Option+Shift+Down Move multicursor from current line to the line below
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Ctrl+Option+Shift+Right Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to next
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Ctrl+Option+Shift+Left Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to previous
Ctrl+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+L Select all from multi-selection

Moving the Cursor

Windows/Linux Mac Action
Left Left, Ctrl+B Go to left
Right Right, Ctrl+F Go to right
Ctrl+Left Option+Left Go to word left
Ctrl+Right Option+Right Go to word right
Up Up, Ctrl+P Go line up
Down Down, Ctrl+N Go line down
Alt+Left, Home Command+Left, Home, Ctrl+A Go to line start
Alt+Right, End Command+Right, End, Ctrl+E Go to line end
PageUp Option+PageUp Go to page up
PageDown Option+PageDown, Ctrl+V Go to page down
Ctrl+Home Command+Home, Command+Up Go to start
Ctrl+End Command+End, Command+Down Go to end
Ctrl+L Command+L Go to line
Ctrl+Down Command+Down Scroll line down
Ctrl+Up --- Scroll line up
Ctrl+P --- Go to matching bracket
--- Option+PageDown Scroll page down
--- Option+PageUp Scroll page up

Find and Replace

Windows/Linux Mac Action
Ctrl+F Command+F Find
Ctrl+H Command+Option+F Replace
Ctrl+K Command+G Find next
Ctrl+Shift+K Command+Shift+G Find previous


Windows/Linux Mac Action
Alt+L, Ctrl+F1 Command+Option+L, Command+F1 Toggle fold selection
Alt+Shift+L, Ctrl+Shift+F1 Command+Option+Shift+L, Command+Shift+F1 Unfold
Alt+0 Command+Option+0 Fold all
Alt+Shift+0 Command+Option+Shift+0 Unfold all


Windows/Linux Mac Action
Ctrl+] Command+] Indent selected lines
Ctrl+Shift+[ Command+Shift+[ Outdent selected lines
Ctrl+Z Command+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z, Ctrl+Y Command+Shift+Z, Command+Y Redo
Ctrl+, Command+, Show the settings menu1
Ctrl+/ Command+/ Toggle comment
Ctrl+Enter Command+Enter Run code
Ctrl+Shift+U Ctrl+Shift+U Change to lower case
Ctrl+U Ctrl+U Change to upper case
Ctrl+Shift+E Command+Shift+E Macros replay
Ctrl+Alt+E --- Macros recording
--- Ctrl+L Center selection

1: The setttings menu doesn't really work at the moment. It just appears as a giant checkbox on the right side of the screen.