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frame-based animation like frames of a movie

Frame-based animation is slightly more complicated than queue-based animation. It involves using loops to control elements on the page, allowing more certainty that the code is running when you want it to run.

Frame-based animation will always involve setting speed Infinity

However, there are drawbacks to this method as well. You need to always keep track of which loops are currently running, as when you run too many loops, it becomes difficult to debug your code because it is hard to keep track of which loops are affecting which objects.

Examples of Frame-Based Animation

An Analog Timer

This timer resets the frame every second, erasing the entire screen and drawing it again each time. Because of speed Infinity, this happens instantly with no visible delay. The loop runs 1 time per second because of the forever loop with the 1 arguement (indicating 1 loop per second).

speed Infinity
t = 0

drawClock = ->
  dot white, 10000
  for i in [1..60]
    pen lightgray
    fd 100
    bk 100
    rt 6

advance = ->
  pen red
  fd 100
  bk 100
  rt 6
  dot white, 40
  label t, labelSide: 'centered'
  t += 1

forever 1, ->